The Balance of Public Exposure and Discretion

Many of my current clients and those of you reading have an element of discretion, an angle of privacy when working with your clients. This is a component that your client appreciates in the relationship involving larger assets, projects, and transformational experiences. These ventures reach a local and international audience. During our partnership, we must refine our communication in marketing and the planning within these types of projects. You partner on ventures that last a specific amount of time whether six months or two years.

The collaboration types range from residential or commercial real estate, interior design, or the building of land within a city or prestigious suburban area. These projects are highly regarded and have the capacity to increase credibility and solidify the current influence you have in your area. Your client or project development team appoints you because you have finesse in your business approach and you understand the balance of exposure and discretion. Along with influence, they know you are a trustworthy individual. Throughout the process, you will give guidance and represent them with integrity.

Exposure comes into play when you host a presentation to colleagues at a dinner event and create visuals and a message on Social Media. Social Media allows us to garner a deeper connection with those who matter to us in business. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are platforms where discretion is achievable in a tasteful way.

When we have our consultation, be forthright about the trajectory of the project and the degree of privacy that you request. Together, we will finesse both the public information and the private nuances to tie together seamlessly. Communicating all information about the project is important for us to stay in close contact through email and our weekly calls to execute this positively for all involved.

Partnering with clients from Los Angeles to Boston my business partners with our clients on transformative ventures, works of art that are in development that will gain way for prosperity in my clients’ businesses. My business will represent these collaborative endeavors with class and integrity on Social Media. Our clients have courage in their actions and integrity in their work.

Reputation management is Francesca Ragucci Marketing’s cadence. We then create visuals and a cohesive message to present on Social Media to those who matter in your business. We will have our visions in alignment to partner on these prestigious developments and design partnerships. We have the experience of working on projects that impact lives for the better.

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