In this article, I’m sharing gratification within this moment of my business and journey. I recently had many opportunities for speaking engagements at distinguishable universities like Rutgers University and Villanova University. A restaurant conglomerate Fearless Restaurants is collaborating with me on multiple locations for redefining their reputation to their patrons. A real estate office gave me their trustworthiness in sharing knowledge on Instagram and business growth through the platform specifically. Abundance is here. These opportunities listed above are a testament to discipline, work ethic and courage.

These opportunities took years of relationship building and the development of my reputation and business to hone into the full presence of these prosperous moments. To present my best self and business to redefine my reputation. To appear personable and show my character in a genuine way to a group of individuals. I must mention that many of these opportunities happened in synchronicity. Consistently aligning my self up with desires.

This is synchronicity.

Synchronicity is what happens when you demonstrate and show an immeasurable work ethic, passion and discipline towards your business. Synchronicity is what happens when you are ‘all in’ on your desires for a better life. Synchronicity equals greater purpose.

Visualizing opportunity nationwide from coast to coast, synchronicity aligns my business with clients from Los Angeles California to Boston Massachusetts. Right now, today, as I am talking this article into my Google docs, I visualize my intention. The core foundation for my entrepreneurial pursuit which is to live a life of freedom. I intentionally cultivate a plan of how to move forward bit by bit each day while enjoying the process.

Which opportunities matter?

Which opportunities will position my business to the clients who find Francesca Ragucci Marketing a worthy investment?

Which opportunities will propel my business to the next level?

For now, I am leaving all of these events and occurrences to synchronicity.

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