Redefine Your Reputation: The Client Experience

The Monthly Marketing Plan gives you, as the client, the opportunity to partner with Francesca Ragucci Marketing on a daily basis. This service is present to give a partner who has credibility and knowledge in managing your reputation online.

Managing your reputation simply means we are creating content in forms of audio, written word, photography, and video to present you in a distinguishable manner. We use platforms like Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), your website and other platforms you deem as important to garner opportunities and represent your business in an honest, positive way.

Consider us the Reputation Management angle of your business. Through partnering with a variety of clients on a variety of projects, we realize online will let you openly connect with current business contacts and future business connections.

Reputation Management is at the forefront of our partnership. Our partnership will revolve around activity in your business like projects, collaborations, speaking engagements, events, press publications, and other business development ventures.

We look to Social Media as a unique tool to represent these ventures with dignity.

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