Redefine Your Reputation: Speaking Engagement Strategy

We have a period of time before an event or speaking engagement where there's a buildup of presentation. Many are set to be in attendance. This engagement will transform your reputation to a new group of contacts. Social media aids as a tool to present this opportunity and build visibility for a positive outcome. There is much preparation within your business to achieve the recognition that surrounds the engagement.

One month out is when the campaign starts. The first publication that solidifies this appealing opportunity. The event hosts will post on social media along with you. Start off with unveiling the journey to this special occasion. Share with those who matter to you in business the fine details of the collaboration. Give the social media universe ample opportunity to advocate for this event. Garner engagement though positioning questions and talking about the discussion topic surrounding the engagement.

Conferences typically unveil an elaborate plan to channel multiple networks for the audience to attend. An Omni-channel strategy is set in place to rollout details up to the event. Let’s partner with the conference by providing your social media profiles and bio to share the story of you. Many attendees are likely to follow you on social media, view your website and preview your expertise by research. We want the people who are going to be in attendance to learn more about you before they actually hear you talk. Your authentic self is your purpose for being at the event. This is the time to be creative and have fun with the pre-event excitement.

We have the ability to create a hashtag as well. You have your own hashtag, your first and last name, the conference will typically have a hashtag specifically for the event. This gives you more credibility within the conference. Credibility is what gave the conference access to you. This is a true honor and a testament of recognition

The day of the event is here! Take a deep breath you are about to get on stage. We are now in the phase of documenting the speech. My company will help you locate a photographer/ videographer to capture the event. To create transparency, documentation of the speech is used as an asset to transform your clout. You are able to share this information out on social media in order to grow an abundance of speaking engagement opportunities.

Conferences will share many images from this day for a period of time. They are likely to share the footage and images on social media and tag you. After the event, let’s make sure that we are sharing this information out to your audience of business connections. I tell you that there is nothing more valuable than actual proof. It is great to tell someone that an event is going on or you spoke at this event. However, the actual core of the speech is really what helps the visualization for the bigger picture of your journey in your geographic location and Industry.

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