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Thank you to all of my advocates whose curiosity I peak. I present to you a blog in dedication to the curious, the ones who have the bravery to ask these questions. Here are my answers.

What are 1 or 2 specific things that are working for you right now to grow your business?

1. Target Content Strategy on Social Media

I am creating video content to speak directly to my individual clients in different cities and industries. For example, I create a video about branding on social media for a Realtor in Los Angeles another one for a Realtor in New York City. A secondary subject is one video about defining your business message for an Interior Designer in New York City and another one for an Interior Designer in Los Angeles. This allows me to speak directly to a specific person one video at a time as opposed to talking in general. I am experiencing much value in my general talk though it is more specific when I am as direct as possible. My business focuses on partnering with our clients, so, our passion for our clients’ businesses are in the nuance detailing.

2. Guest Features on Podcasts/ Videos

I am going on google search podcasts that my ideal client listens to. That way, I am positioning myself in front of them. They get the opportunity to listen to me answer questions on the spot.

What are 1 or 2 specific things that are working for you right now to manage your workload?

1. Bulk days

I typically take a project like social media scheduling and creating video and I will spend say 2-3 hours on this task. I call it my bulk days with repetitive projects. Bulk days allow my mind to go into a flow state which allows me to stay there mentally, get into a deeper thought pattern, and create. It is very interesting what the mind conjures in that state.

2. Start my days with a 'me' project

Every first project I involve my time in is all about my business and my pursuits. Then, I will be in alignment to move into client projects and answering emails. Once I open my email it is on repeat throughout the day since my clients communicate with me through email.

What are 1 or 2 specific things that are working for you right now to run or manage your business?

1. My business ethos- Redefine Your Reputation Online

This means my client and I partner to leverage social media and their website to bring awareness to the business. My clients have circles of business partners, colleagues, and clients. Yet, social media allows them to see their business in a new way. Social media is the most frequent communication you will ever have with another person period.

2. Partnerships

I like to bring my clients a personal approach through harnessing partnerships with complimentary businesses and publicity. This brings my client direct in person contact with a collaborative experience. My focus is in collaborations with the right businesses that match my clients’ core values and personality. Less of a matter of quantity, more quality. My business partners our Realtor clients with co-working spaces, restaurants, interior designers, head shot photographers, and more. We partner our restaurant clients with exclusive social media publicity, entrepreneurs and conferences.

3. Lifestyle Marketing

Francesca Ragucci Marketing tells the story of our clients’ businesses through video. We create lifestyle video to explain the 'live,work,play' of our clients’ properties, hotels and restaurants. Theme- Imagine yourself here. We have a cadence of luxury, we research and know what this client want to experience online and that is truly an experience.

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