How I Work With National Clients



It is a gratifying experience to work with clients from Boston to Los Angeles. These points I mention have to be conjugated through consultations with clients. I know this will help you answer questions that are on your mind to make the most informative decision to work with me. One of my goals is to impact more clients in different locations. Here I am going to break down our process, communication, workflow & relationship throughout our Monthly Marketing Plan.


Inbound/ Outbound Documents:

Within the first week, all material (photos, documents, links) are transferred directly to me. Typically, we use Google Drive or DropBox as a hub of files. It is best for us to have access to your important brand files and information starting out so we have a mutual reference point to identify. I like to ask upfront questions about what type of content is important for you to see. This will get you thinking about organizing information for us to transfer work. Say you have new information throughout the process, just send it to our shared folder. Dropbox & Google Drive provides a notification when changes have been made.



Our regular communication will be through email. Email is preferred to save messages, share brief updates & inform each other on upcoming campaigns. We will often check in with one another through the week. Many of my clients & I communicate information daily. I welcome a brief question or update on your business sent through email. It is also great to keep conversation consistent throughout our relationship. In opposition, if we email 1- 2 days per week, the working energy is less frequent and may be stifled. At that point, once we share our monthly phone call or video chat, it will seem like we have much to catch up on due to less conversation.

This brings me to the monthly call. When in our working relationship, we will share a monthly or weekly call. I will work with you individually to see which situation suits you- one monthly call or one call per week. A maximum time frame is allowed per call. I do cater to those who request in-person meetings, this is an additional service to the Monthly Marketing Plan.


Different Cities:

You may be curious as to how I work with you nationally though I reside in a different city. You know your city only like you do. You know your city unique to your experiences, that is powerful. Not one other person in your city has gone through your same experiences. This is the energy I get out of you through consistent communication and calls. In the beginning, I provide a brief questionnaire to have basic questions down about your business history, current state & goals. As we work together, curiosity will arise & ensue for more questions.

Remember, the main reason you work with me is to benefit from the knowledge I possess through your business & reputation. Details about your business specifics are gathered through intensive & consistent research.



The main reason you are working with me is because I have the resources and mindset you need. I guarantee the strategy and creative outlook will not be duplicated in a Google search of ‘How to Use Social Media’ or ‘How to Create Content on Social Media’. My thought pattern is internal meaning the way my brain works & based on observation. The project strategy is my favorite because that is what pulls the finite details together and refines our approach.


The best method for you is to view the existing Client Work and Case Studies right here, on my website. Seeing proof of concept for yourself will transfer to a confident mindset for our working relationship. Many campaigns subjects and styles have been executed outside of what is currently on my website. You are welcome to ask for additional work examples.


Campaign/ Project Workflow:

When we work together, guarantee there will be multiple projects & campaigns in unison. Project topics will come together from both of our perspectives. Together, we will organize details to create a strategic plan. As the campaigns unfold, visual concepts will be put in place as a draft presentation of the campaign prospectus. Details of topic, breakdown, distribution & targeting will be present within the initial concept.


Now you are more informed than when you first landed on this page. This will most definitely give you the self-assurance to work with me.



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