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Why An Influencer?

Influencers in social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. They make regular posts about that topic on their preferred social media channels and generate large followings of enthusiastic engaged people who pay close attention to their views.

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White Dog Cafe is a restaurant filled with mosaic dog portraits & chef-inspired delicacies. Fearless Restaurant Group & White Dog graciously welcomed me into their home away from home to explore the atmosphere & style of food they provide guests.

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The Luxury Brand & Influencer Marketing Relationship

Where people are at today is online. Increasing web traffic is another benefit of luxury brand influencer marketing and one of the primary indicators that your message is getting out there and reaching customers. Influencer marketing for your luxury brand will help you get your message to more people, reach more of the right people and will make your brand stronger.

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