Let's Be Clear



You need a way to reach your client daily.

I have been working on Social Media & Digital Marketing my whole life. Yes, that's true, I know the digital world. You want, you need Social Media (2018 Marketing) to bring in money.

Now matter who your audience is- they ARE on Social Media.

Are you doing business in 5 or 10 years?


YES- then you are going to create social media accounts with me & start your Marketing process. Which means you will enter new territory with Francesca Ragucci Marketing who has the resources to position your brand, building advocacy through video, YouTube, podcasts, & any/ all medium that is important for you.

Let's Be Clear... you have a device ( the mobile phone) you are attached to each day. In fact, my phone sits on my desk. Where is yours?

We ALL check social, texts, email, website & all other mobile means of communication regularly. WHY?! Because we want to be in the know with the information that is most important to us.


Let's Be Clear... You have objections. Here is how Francesca Ragucci Marketing resolves those:

  1. Cost/Risk: At much less than the cost of one full-time executive, you get an expert in marketing trends and can expect cheaper ad costs and software costs, among others. Minimize the impact of marketing staff reductions.
  2. Access: With the right business, you still get complete access to all of your data and insights. Access expertise in marketing strategy and implementation, as well as creative design, focused on the specific job or project on hand.
  3. Time: You save on all of the time it takes finding someone — or trying to learn the entire Internet marketing field yourself.
  4. Experience: Get an outside perspective on your business. Your team will benefit from the experience the marketing team brings to the table, such as familiarity with your target market and the many marketing channels and opportunities available.