Brand Advocacy on Facebook Business

Whenever I bring a new client on or I'm in conversation with a business owner, there are always different questions that are brought up about social media. In this blog, I am going to answer some of them and go into detail. Let's start off with the Facebook business page. 



Are you a business on Facebook executing Testimonials, About Me, Videos, with every section filled out? Well done, Facebook likes you more and they will reveal your publications to a larger audience. One point I make with clients is difference between organic engagement & paid advertising directly on Facebook. As we start our Monthly Marketing Plan journey I notice their business page receiving consistent likes from the same people. Though that is an accomplishment, our real goal as a partnership is to dial in on reaching a larger niche audience. So, instead of having 100 views you receive 500 views. 


The action of Facebook grow comes down to boosting posts & running advertisements regularly. Simply boosting a post for a certain amount of money within your marketing budget is worth it. $100.00, $500.00, $1000.00+ for one day or span of time will get that post in front of more people because Facebook lets you know, "Get this in front of 200 or 1000 more people for X amount of dollars," it's true. Facebook is going to then pushed the post in front of more people!



Therefore, Facebook business is a place where you have to "pay to grow" and you have to be able to run as a functioning business. In Facebook's words "You're a business, you're using this platform, we want our audience on Facebook to really get the content that they want each day." And, Facebook measures that by engagement- likes, comments and shares. I understand, you do have some people on your Facebook page who are consistently liking and commenting and sharing. That's because they see a lot of your information on a daily and weekly basis. You may have 2000 people liked your page, and there are five to ten likes on each one of the posts. You want to bring that up, it's about experimenting with different types of content, boosting your posts, having a budget, weekly and monthly, for Facebook advertising. Because, a couple months later, even after a 30 day plan is put into place, you will notice a big difference.


I am able to help you with this type of plan, I implement this for clients because a lot more recently, I have them on an advertising budget because their goal is to see more engagement on Facebook and know that their brand is gaining awareness and advocacy.


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Francesca Ragucci