the intention of the Monthly Marketing Plan

The Monthly Marketing Plan gives you, as the client, the opportunity to partner with Francesca Ragucci Marketing on a daily basis. This service is present to give you a business partner who has credibility and knowledge in managing your reputation online. Managing your reputation simply means we are creating content in forms of audio, written word, photography, and video to present you in a distinguishable manner. We use platforms like Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), your website and other platforms you deem as important to garner opportunities and represent your business in an honest, positive way.

Consider us the Reputation Management angle of your business. Through partnering with a variety of clients on a variety of projects, we realize online will let you openly connect with current client and prospective clients. Reputation Management is at the forefront of our partnership. Our partnership will revolve around activity in your business like projects, collaborations, speaking engagements, events, press publications, and other business development ventures. We look to Social Media as a unique tool to represent these ventures with integrity.

By partnering with Francesca Ragucci Marketing, you are appointing us to gain access to your business ventures and manage your online presence. What is visible about you online will show up in person. Many times clients appoint us and within 30, 60, 90+ days, they are already receiving compliments and joyful feedback about their online presence. We even have the honor of long-term partnerships with all of our clients.

You work to show outcomes to gain new opportunities. Let us cater to you in positioning your business with those who matter to you in business. Our clients are public business figures, they are well-known and have an incomparable reputation in their cities and industries. We are well aware of this by research and consistent communication. We are aware that some business ventures require discretion when sharing information to the public. We have finesse in adapting to your requests for representing each project individually.

You will partner directly with our CEO, Francesca Ragucci in communication through emails and scheduled phone calls. Our national clients even ask Francesca to travel in person regularly to witness the transformative projects and connect with our clients in person.

Francesca Ragucci Marketing is a continuously growing business. We adjust in an evolving online world and delightfully inform you when Social Media and online platforms have new ways for us to present your business. We always welcome new clients. Whether you are an individual business owner, a public business figure, or a functioning team business, we welcome you as a client!

We recommend before you schedule a call with Francesca Ragucci to consider the commitment and investment of being a client with us. The commitment  involves your time in email and phone or in person communication. As we promise to be open and honest in communication that is regular we also request you to promise us open and honest communication that is regular.  We will discuss project workflows at the time of consultation and even as our working relationship begins in regards to each individual project.

The monetary investment with us is a dedication to include Francesca Ragucci Marketing within your business lifestyle with integrity. The monetary investment covers our daily devotion to giving you a personal experience. Francesca Ragucci started as one sole person working with her clients. With the investment of our clients and their continual support of granting us more clients, we are now an agency catering to clients from Los Angeles, California to Boston, Massachusetts. We only see the continual growth of scalability and personalization within our client experience. Our clients' investments have taken Francesca to multiple cities to express her creative and strategic energy within meetings. She has the honor of presenting strategies for large-scale projects in person and through phone calls. Her current clients are in a state of delight by the execution of projects and they enjoy her positive personality!

Thank you for your time in reading this letter.

At the time of the consultation, you are welcome to ask for specific projects as we choose to show select ones on the website.

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