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Yourself as a business owner in a mobile landscape must have press online. What does that mean?

You are appearing in online publications, podcasts, YouTube videos, and much more. By making the effort to partner with other business owners or online publications you will redefine your reputation. The energy you put out comes back to you. So being active in the press and actively seeking publication opportunities is a win for your business.

Within this project, Francesca Ragucci Marketing embarked on a partnership with client, Nicole Carter and Camille Mola of Positive Publicity Blog. This blog highlights the nuances of Philadelphia- the live, work, play of the city. The events and the people who make the city thrive. We came across Camille on Instagram specifically through #phillybloggers hashtags. (Note- we find many different businesses to collaborate on hashtags alone.)

Camille was hospitable through the process of writing about Nicole. Person of Interest: Nicole Carter tells the story of the beginning, the foundation of her peeked interest in real estate. Though the article Nicole shares the nuances of living in Philadelphia and the joys of working with her clients to find the Philadelphia neighborhood to suit their lifestyle.

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