Influencer Marketing- Nicole Carter



My client had a property on the market in Rittenhouse Square on Pine Street, one of the best sections of the city. Full of life, Pine Street is the epicenter of a live, work, play lifestyle. In order to have this home stand out on the market and get in front of a larger group of buyers on social media, I knew it was imperative to partner with social media influencer, Alicia Tenise.

Francesca Ragucci Marketing presented this concept to Nicole Carter. We went through the process of finding the influencer who best matched Nicole’s needs. I went on Instagram the predominant place where influencers gather and I knew our influencer was there. Lifestyle influencer, Alicia Tenise best suited us for this property because she has the overall branding that speaks to potential buyers who will purchase this property. Alicia has a strong presence in Philadelphia. She is a trusting, authentic source for information within the real estate and hospitality industry.

When I found Alicia I knew she was a great fit for Nicole Carter. The concept was to have Alicia take photos of herself directly outside of the property and on the street to capture the epitome of life on Pine Street. Alicia’s style in the photographs depicts a relaxing afternoon in the city. She captured the property in its best lighting and chose an excellent bright sunny day. These images appeared on Alicia‘s Instagram for her audience to view. Let me tell you- the likes and comments vastly grew.

We garnered the audience of Alicia Tenise and Nicole Carter in order to raise in order to gain visibility for this property. This worked! All of us were thrilled with the outcome of collaboration. This collaboration redefined Nicole Carter’s reputation in many respects. Plus, her clients were overjoyed with the additional effort set forth by Nicole.


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