Collection: Sold Visuals

These visuals represent a select amount of sold homes for my clients. Each group of visuals have a distinct brand identity- font, color, message. These sold visuals are posted to solicit the feeling of resound celebration. After a process of working with the client, we are ready to unveil sheer excitement about the process. Each client brand has a mood & style. From cursive to friendly to elegance, all communication is transparent to the message, the voice. Voice means the way in which one communicates to the other. Adjectives pronounce exuberant expression directly to the client. 


The social media audience is known as the potential client. We only relay information to the client. The message magnetizes like an echo into the universe. Width & depth matter. People buy from those they know. The client will know you by your consistency & stamina on social media multiple times each day.



SOLD 237 Marlborough St.jpg

Settled- 529 S 16TH ST.jpg
2119 Pine Street settled.jpg
Francesca Ragucci