Put the Relationship First Between A Client (You) & Marketing Agency (Me)

The most important thing is to put the relationship first. How people feel about the others they work with is paramount. Focus on building strong relationships and make sure people feel valued.

For clients, sharing and capturing feedback fuels business growth, better creative, strategy and service from the digital marketing agency. For agencies, a relationship check can contribute to business growth, referrals, references, profitability, and reduced churn.

Chemistry and capabilities both need to be a fit for a successful client / agency relationship.

Overall, marketing agencies need to be more strategic in how they manage relationships with clients. Look beyond the day to day of tactics and program management to the bigger picture of how the client agency partnership has mutual impact.



Improving relationships is not all on the shoulders of agencies. A few things most clients who hire digital marketing agencies can do to improve both the relationship and the performance of their investment include:

  • Improve guidance – give better briefs and clearer feedback

  • Internally aligned creative feedback

  • Streamline the approval process

It takes more than smart consulting to make a digital marketing client and agency relationship work. Without a healthy understanding of expectations and clear communications, all that smart consulting goes to waste if it never gets implemented. Invest in both high performing consulting and an understanding of expectations to make the client / agency relationship work.

Great relationships drive great work. Great work drives great business results.

Agencies that focus on service as well as strategy and consulting will be more valuable to the companies that hire them. Clients that provide excellent briefs and that can streamline review/approval processes will get a much better return on the digital marketing agency investment.


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