The Power and Influence of Digital Content Marketing

As brands seek effective ways to engage with customers and attract new business, they are choosing to use some form of digital content marketing. Digital content marketing is, in many ways, more effective than paid advertising, though the two can complement one another. What makes quality content so valuable is that it’s not overtly promotional. Rather, it’s made to actually serve readers/viewers/listeners. And, in so doing, it helps to build your credibility and authority. Let’s look at some of the best ways to leverage the power and influence of digital content marketing.




What Makes Content Compelling?

Digital content includes a wide variety of items from blog posts to videos. If you’re creating content to promote your business, though, you need a strategy. Here are some of the main guidelines to make your digital content effective and compelling.


  •  Identify your goals. While all businesses want more customers and to increase profits, you need a specific content marketing strategy. For example, are you trying to build an email list, increase brand awareness, get people to come to your storefront business, or sell products from your website? You may have one or more of these goals or others but it’s important to clarify your objectives.


  • Target your audience. Before you can create effective content, you need to identify your target audience. A buyer persona helps you create the kind of content your customers appreciate. What are your customers’ interests, needs, problems, and preferences? The answers to these questions determine the kind of content you create for them. It also lets you know where your buyers hang out. For example, are they more likely to use Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Instagram?


  • Connecting and tracking. Once you identify your audience, you need to create the kind of content that appeals to them. This includes subject matter, format, and style. Tools such as Google Analytics help you track engagement for your content so you can refine your approach over time.




  • Branding. While it’s commonly noted that you need “quality content,” which is true as far as it goes. If you’re publishing blog posts or articles, they should be well written and accurate. Quality photos are always better than stock images. However, it’s equally important that your content is distinctive and helps you brand yourself. Branding includes your style, voice, layout, colors, and using your logo.


  • Shareable Content. One often-successful method of marketing is being able to create content that people are willing to share and promote. With an endless stream of digital content, making yours stand out from the crowd will only help your brand in the long run. Whether it is a beautiful video, enticing offer, or eye-catching photo, a shareable piece of content can engage current customers and attract new ones as well.


  • Consistency. One of the major components of successful content marketing campaigns is consistency. It’s essential to create content regularly so that your readers and followers get accustomed to seeing you on their favorite platforms. Finding the right schedule for publishing content requires you to research and test your results.


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