The benefits of the process are not just about posting content online, though it is a critical aspect of the work. This is a different process. We work together. I am responsible for representing you in the most beneficial way to you and your community, because the marketplace online is who make the final decision. Every post, every photo, every blog, every email is about creating community to compliment your purpose for your business.

The most critical part to what we do is create one on one relationships with local businesses, your target clients, media outlets, bloggers, & social media influencers. You come to me to open you up to a new way to grow your relationships & business. By this I mean direct messaging individuals on social media & any other online platform that you call a resource. 

When you expand your network online you are gaining new people who are paying attention to you, keyword- attention. Are you ready to put yourself out there online & speak with new people. YES!? Let’s go!



One day on my computer I flipped through numerous properties for sale. I noticed many of these properties lacked photos & a story about the house through imagery. Whether a 1200 square-foot condo, a 5000 square-foot estate, or anywhere in between, the photos have to tell the viewer why they need to step foot into this house & have them imagine their belongings in that home. 

It's time for you to have photos of your projects that you are proud of and say “YES I made the right decision”. The presentation of your photos are all in the detail. Having experience working a room with my camera allows me to help many clients nation-wide. Call or email me, I have a fast response time & will always look to accommodate your schedule. Once I arrive at your property I am prepared with an open mind ready to give you the experience you deserve. 



Francesca is amazing!! My partnership with her is having a very positive impact on my business. Francesca is very well versed in all facets of marketing via social media. She keeps up with the trends and is very proactive in providing recommendations on how to market my business creatively. I would recommend her to anyone looking to kick up their marketing to the next gear.

- Nicole Carter, Coldwell Banker Preferred


Francesca has been a pleasure to work with and will continue to be an asset to Streamline’s brand by presenting us with a real estate photography portfolio that highlights the aesthetic and luxury of our products. Her turnaround time is quick and she always delivers web size and high res files which has made it easy for us to market our properties online and in print. Francesca’s processing style is also fresh and current, which is important when selecting a great photographer!

- Streamline Group, LLC.


We initially met because you made a positive comment about the content in my Instagram posts. I was delighted that someone was reading my posts. After meeting with you and getting to know you my delight grew to a much greater appreciation.

Your understanding of the migration of communication tools from the beginning of my time in the business to now is far reaching. You seem to transcend the typical “social media” expert because you listen.

You have helped me move at my pace through an unknown world of communication tools. I used to feel lost in a digital world and I now feel like live video is my new normal.  Thank you for never making me feel stupid or uneasy. The leap from advertising in the “yellow pages” to Facebook Live and beyond feels like only a small hurdle. You make everything digital easy!

-Peter Buchsbaum